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About Us

The Birth of Speedy Grid™

Owning a growing gym requires constant attention and the list of priorities is endless. In a time of ever changing technology I searched for a more efficient way of scheduling my classes to ensure that every student had the best possible experience at my gym. Surprisingly I found NOTHING!!! Having a casual conversation with a new client - who just so happened to be a software designer - Speedy Grid™ was born!! At the same time I hired a new coach for our preschool program. I soon realized her hidden talents of Marketing and Design and quickly asked her to join us in making Speedy Grid™ come to life for everyone. This program has saved me hours of valuable time - what once took me 4-5 hours for a single day now happens in a fraction of that!!

"What once took me 4-5 hours for a single day now happens in a fraction of that!!"

- Shannon Wickel, Kentucky Gymnastics Academy

Some of our Basic Features

At Speedy Grid™ our goal is to make our gym owners lives easy. We know that Gym owners have a lot to do in their gyms, and the last thing they want to do is waste time creating rotations that they will have to redo once the session start.

So we set out to create a system that would save our gym owners time and money by keeping it simple and giving them what they needed. With Speedy Grid™ you can generate rotations with the click of a button, import classes from other management software, and create A/B rotation master grids.


Speedy Grid™ Leadership

Shannon Wickel
Shannon Wickel
Founder / Gym Owner
Matt Eaton
Matt Eaton
Founder / Tech Guy
Hannah Koller
Founder / Coach / Marketing Gal